If you've ever pushed a baby in a stroller, used crutches for a sprained ankle or lugged heavy grocery bags, you know stairs are not your friend. And if you're like most people, you'll become less and less fond of stairs as you age.

The same goes for bending over to unload the dishwasher and squatting to reach that roasting pan way back in the bottom cabinet. And forget the bathroom, it's the most dangerous room in the house. That's assuming you stay mobile and healthy as the years fly by.

Suppose that first-time homebuyers call your business -- they are ready to build a new home. They have studied plans and have decided on a Universal Design home. No problem, you think. Then they add the fact that the wife has beginning-stage Multiple Sclerosis and they would like the home designed for this diagnosis. your heart stops, fear sets in, and then the project goes south.

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